We enjoy working on a diverse range of projects from TV, video, radio and audio to highly complex multi media projects. What shines through in every project though is that there is a “story” to be told. We aim to tell that story clearly and with integrity. This may be through the medium of pictures and sound or it may be with sound alone or in text. However the story is told we strive to be truthful. We meet many people all over the world and we are often humbled by the stories they have to tell and their courage. We hope in all our projects that we can capture the human spirit and produce something which is both informative and uplifting.

This film focuses on the work of artist Shelly Wyn-De-Bank. In the film Shelly talks about her identity as an artist, a woman and a mother. Read more

This project looks at HIV and motherhood. The interviews were recently recorded in Mexico City. Read more

We were commissioned to take the photographs for this exciting production of “Playhouse Creatures”. Read more

The “Identities” project is a national programme which aims to give a voice to diverse communities across the generations. Read more

Middle Leaders are the “life blood” of any school. This DVD explores their important role. Read more

It’s A Girl is a twelve part radio series visiting three continents for BBC World Service. Read more

The Teaching Awards – each year we run creative thinking workshops for the country’s best teachers. Read more

“The Creative Teacher” was commissioned by Creative Partnerships and published by the Arts Council. Read more